mugshotSam Louwyck (Bruges, 1966) is a Flemish dancer, choreographer, actor and singer. He is known as a writer and performer of alternative ballet. Since 1993 he has been involved with ‘Les Ballets C de la B’. With this group he performed all around the world. He also acted in several films – first mainly as a dancer – later increasingly as an actor.

In 2003 he made quite an impression with his rendition of the so-called ‘Windman’ in the motion picture ‘Any Way The Wind Blows’ by Tom Barman. He got his next major role in ‘Ex Drummer’ as the deaf guitarist Ivan Van Dorpe. In 2009 he took on the lead roles in ‘Lost Persons Area’ and ‘May 22nd’. Sam also performed in the critically acclaimed drama film ‘Bullhead’ which was nominated for an Academy Award in the category of Best Foreign Language Film in 2012. Amongst his most recent accomplishments are ‘La Cinquième Saison’ and ‘Little Black Spiders’.

Besides his dance and acting career Sam Louwyck sings in the avant-garde rock band ‘Falling Man’.

Photo © Katrijn Michiels


Little Black Spiders by Patrice Toye :: 2012
La Cinquième Saison by Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth :: 2012
Portable Life by Fleur Boonman :: 2011
Rundskop by Michael R. Roskom :: 2011
22 mei by Koen Mortier :: 2009
Lost Persons Area by Caroline Strubbe :: 2009
Like a Fire by Joris Rabbijns :: 2008
A Day In a Life by Nicolas Daenens :: 2007
Ex Drummer by Koen Mortier :: 2006
Live/Evil-Evil/Live by Bruno de Almeida :: 2005
Carlo by Michael R. Roskam :: 2004
10 jaar Leuven Kort by Koen Mortier :: 2004
Any Way The Wind Blows by Tom Barman :: 2003
Oh My God? by Christophe Van Rompaey :: 2001
The Thread by Lieven Van Baelen and Jan De Coster :: 2000
50CC by Felix Van Groeningen :: 2000
Turnpike by Tom Barman :: 1996
The Hard Nut by Matthew Diamond :: 1991

As a dancer
Patchagonia :: 2007
1-2-3 Propositions :: 2004
Visitors Only :: 2002
Iets op Bach :: 1997
La Tristeza Complice :: 1995
Bonjour madame, comment allez-vous aujourd’hui, il fait beau, Il va sans doute pleuvoir :: 1993

As a choreographer
2004: 1-2-3 Propositions :: 2004
October 13th :: 2003
Allein ist nur allein :: 2000
Turnpike :: 1996
Flippers :: 1996

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